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Mark Ruffallo Is Pretty Sure Everyone Will Be Returning For AVENGERS 2

Ever since IRON MAN 3 blew away the box office last week, fans have been terrified by industry rumors that not all their favorite Avengers would return for the sequel.



Mark-Ruffalo-in-The-Avengers-2012-Movie-Image2-600x337Ever since IRON MAN 3 blew away the box office last week, fans have been terrified by industry rumors that not all their favorite Avengers would return for the sequel.  Luckiliy for us, Mark Ruffalo, the man behind Bruce Banner and (arguably) the best Hulk of the Marvel series, had a chance to set the record straight.

In a new interview with Moviefone, Ruffalo spoke about what is to come for AVENGERS 2, and confirmed that at least to his knowledge, the entire cast should be coming back for another round.

Take a look at the exchange (courtesy of Joblo) below: 

Moviefone: Are you back for “Avengers 2?” There’s been a lot of talk about the salary negotiations.

Mark Ruffalo: I assume so. I haven’t been let go yet.

MF: Are you definitely signed on for it?

MR: Oh, yeah. I’m signed for — oh my gosh — six movies altogether. Five now [after “The Avengers”].

MF: So, all this speculation about recasting Thor and The Hulk is just that, speculation?

MR: That I know of. I haven’t caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don’t even think anyone’s really started negotiating yet.

MF: So there’s no reason to panic?

MR: No. [Laughs] Maybe people should panic, but I don’t see a reason to panic.

MF: As far as you know, everyone is back?

MR: Yeah, as far as I know. But sometimes actors are the last people to know what’s going on.

MF: Would you come back if some of the other roles were recast?

MR: I think so. I’d be really sad if they did. I can’t imagine that. That would be bad. “That would not be good,” as Joss Whedon would say

MF: A lot of people would be very upset if you don’t come back as The Hulk.

MR: I’d love to come back as The Hulk. I don’t foresee not coming back as The Hulk.

So there you have it…at least we know that we’re all on the same page as the actors at the moment!

Another interesting little tidbit thrown out by Ruffalo, who was out and about promoting his new film, NOW YOU SEE ME, was how the idea for his secret IRON MAN 3 cameo came to be…obviously, it all started with a last second pitch from Robert Downey Jr: 

“Marvel had an idea [for a post-credits scene], but they scraped it…[Then] they were about to wrap the movie and I saw Robert [Downey Jr] at the Academy Awards and he had this idea. He said, ‘What do you think about coming and [shooting for] a day?’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Lets do it!’ I came in and we shot for a couple of hours. I haven’t seen it yet, but people seem to like it.”

IRON MAN 3 is in theaters now.  AVENGERS 2 can’t come soon enough.


‘Pitch Perfect’ Barden Bellas Virtually Reunite To Perform Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’ And Of Course It’s Aca-Amazing!



A little aca-quarantine can’t stop these bad belters.

A lot of casts have been virtually reuniting during this quarantine with some distant gatherings more memorable than others. Of course, anytime the ladies of Pitch Perfect get together it’s a singing spectacular that goes viral almost instantly and this time is no different.

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins reprised their roles as the hostile hosts of the a cappella singing competitions, Gail Abernathy-McKadden-Feinberg and John Smith respectively, as they introduced the Barden Bellas. The powerhouse singers including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Chrissie Fit, and Hannah Mae Lee then crush their rendition of Beyoncé’s “Love On Top.” And you know if you’re going to cover Queen Bey it better be good. Oh and streaming the song will not only sound good but it will some good too because proceeds from downloads of the cover will benefit UNICEF’s efforts to support children in Lebanon and around the world who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Aca-amazing!

To donate to UNICEF directly click here.

To stream/download the song click here.

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Disney Reveals Early Unseen Sketches Of Buzz Lightyear Who Was Almost Called ‘Lunar Larry’



The space ranger could have looked a lot stranger.

It has been 25 years since Toy Story hit theaters…god we’re getting old…which means we have loved Buzz Lightyear for decades now. The beloved space ranger has become a staple in pop culture with his zest for adventure and signature catchphrase but what if Buzz was never “Buzz?”

To celebrate the milestone anniversary Disney has shared sketches of the early concepts for Buzz Lightyear who was actually going to be named “Lunar Larry.” Points for alliteration but sounds more like a cheesy superhero parody than a cool, futuristic action figure that every kid would have on their Christmas list. The pencil drawings vary in style but most of them feature an “LL” on the rangers chest. As time went on, the renderings began to look more and more like the Buzz we all know and love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Along with the sketches, Disney also announced the launch of their virtual film festival “Pixar Fest.” The family-friendly fest will premiere on August 9th in the UK with an epic stream of Pixar movies on Disney+ along with other exciting content such as watchalongs, animator masterclasses, quizzes, arts and crafts for kids, and product releases. 

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Disney Just Released A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Board Game And It Looks Wickedly Fun



*Souls of innocent children not included.

Grab your broomsticks, stir up the cauldron and light your magic candles because game night just took a wicked twist!

Partnering with Ravensburger, Disney just released a Hocus Pocus board game and it will make for a magically good game night. This board game is unique in that game players are not competing with one another, rather they must all work together to stop the Sanderson sisters from completing their potion before sunrise. With the help of Thackery Binx the cat, you will have to dodge Winifred, Sarah and Mary as they cast spells and use potions to thwart your valiant efforts.

“The Black Flame Candle has been lit. Now the Sanderson witches you must outwit; Or with a wretched evil potion, a foul spell they’ll set in motion. Stun the witches and ruin the brew before the sun can rise anew! Work together to stop the Sanderson sisters from draining the lives of Salem’s children by ruining their potion before the sun rises!” It’s like being in the movie!

Credit: Ravensburger

The Hocus Pocus board game is available for $19.99 on Amazon and includes one cauldron board, 50 Ingredient cards, a Witch board, 13 Spell cards, a Sun token, 4 trick tokens, a rulebook, and one black cat Binx meeple. It’s perfect for ages 8 and up and 2-6 people can play at a time. The game takes about 30 minutes to complete which is perfect for a game night with friends and family…don’t want another never ending Monopoly situation here.

To purchase your own Hocus Pocus board game click here!

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