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Mark Ruffallo Is Pretty Sure Everyone Will Be Returning For AVENGERS 2

Ever since IRON MAN 3 blew away the box office last week, fans have been terrified by industry rumors that not all their favorite Avengers would return for the sequel.



Mark-Ruffalo-in-The-Avengers-2012-Movie-Image2-600x337Ever since IRON MAN 3 blew away the box office last week, fans have been terrified by industry rumors that not all their favorite Avengers would return for the sequel.  Luckiliy for us, Mark Ruffalo, the man behind Bruce Banner and (arguably) the best Hulk of the Marvel series, had a chance to set the record straight.

In a new interview with Moviefone, Ruffalo spoke about what is to come for AVENGERS 2, and confirmed that at least to his knowledge, the entire cast should be coming back for another round.

Take a look at the exchange (courtesy of Joblo) below: 

Moviefone: Are you back for “Avengers 2?” There’s been a lot of talk about the salary negotiations.

Mark Ruffalo: I assume so. I haven’t been let go yet.

MF: Are you definitely signed on for it?

MR: Oh, yeah. I’m signed for — oh my gosh — six movies altogether. Five now [after “The Avengers”].

MF: So, all this speculation about recasting Thor and The Hulk is just that, speculation?

MR: That I know of. I haven’t caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don’t even think anyone’s really started negotiating yet.

MF: So there’s no reason to panic?

MR: No. [Laughs] Maybe people should panic, but I don’t see a reason to panic.

MF: As far as you know, everyone is back?

MR: Yeah, as far as I know. But sometimes actors are the last people to know what’s going on.

MF: Would you come back if some of the other roles were recast?

MR: I think so. I’d be really sad if they did. I can’t imagine that. That would be bad. “That would not be good,” as Joss Whedon would say

MF: A lot of people would be very upset if you don’t come back as The Hulk.

MR: I’d love to come back as The Hulk. I don’t foresee not coming back as The Hulk.

So there you have it…at least we know that we’re all on the same page as the actors at the moment!

Another interesting little tidbit thrown out by Ruffalo, who was out and about promoting his new film, NOW YOU SEE ME, was how the idea for his secret IRON MAN 3 cameo came to be…obviously, it all started with a last second pitch from Robert Downey Jr: 

“Marvel had an idea [for a post-credits scene], but they scraped it…[Then] they were about to wrap the movie and I saw Robert [Downey Jr] at the Academy Awards and he had this idea. He said, ‘What do you think about coming and [shooting for] a day?’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Lets do it!’ I came in and we shot for a couple of hours. I haven’t seen it yet, but people seem to like it.”

IRON MAN 3 is in theaters now.  AVENGERS 2 can’t come soon enough.


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The ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer Just Dropped And It’s Surprisingly Deep



The first Toy Story was all “You. Are. A. Toy!” But Toy Story 4  is like “Am I though?”

The first, full trailer for the highly anticipated sequel just dropped and of course it looks amazing. When we last saw Woody, Buzz and the gang, they had found a new home with Bonnie, the little girl who lived next door to their original owner, Andy. We thought the franchise was done. The torch had officially been passed. What more story was left for these toys? Well, it seems like the geniuses over at Disney/Pixar are taking these toys to infinity and beyond.

In the upcoming sequel, Bonnie has made a toy out of a spork and that toy becomes the most important to her. The spork, known as Forky, has an existential crisis and doesn’t know why he is alive. Same spork, same. As he runs away he tells Woody and the gang that he is “not a toy. [He] was made for soup, salad, maybe chili and then the trash.”  Of course Woody needs to bring Forky back to Bonnie because he can’t bare to see her sad so he and Buzz go on a journey to find Forky and that’s when the plot thickens! Woody finds his old flame, Bo Peep, inside of an antiques shop and reconnects with her. But this Bo ain’t the same no mo. She is fierce! She turned her hoop skirt into a cape and is kicking toy booty! Bo Peep has found happiness living at an amusement park which makes Woody wonder if he could be happy with “the lost toy life.”

Will Woody go back to Bonnie? Will Bo go back to Woody? Will Forky ever be happy as a toy? Does true happiness even exist?! I didn’t think this animated film would raise such weighted questions!

The highly anticipated film hits theaters on June 21st and I am sure it will be a blockbuster hit! Take a look at the full trailer below!

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