VIDEO: Watch Supervillains Fail At Mundane Tasks

You know all those mundane things that we do every day without even thinking about it? Things like...brushing our teeth, eating lunch, going to the bathroom...they're all part of life, but are rarely important or dramatic enough to put into a film. So with that, they bring you Supervillains doing mundane tasks!

VIDEO: AVENGERS Thanos Scene Revealed Online In High Quality!

If you're any sort of comic fan, you probably jumped for joy when you first saw Thanos hit the screen at the end of THE AVENGERS. And now, with the highest grossing comic movie of all time hitting Blu-ray on September 25th, the post-credits scene has been released online...and in perfect quality!

Marvel Still Has Two Unannounced Superhero Films It Plans To Make…

Marvel has been on one hell of a roll, lately, culminating in THE AVENGERS hitting the $1 Billion mark worldwide and breaking records left and right. So how do you build on that momentum? According to Marvel head Kevin Feige, you build by releasing two Marvel films per year, including two that have yet to be announced: