Is Disney Planning To Go The Marvel Route With STAR WARS And Release Numerous Movies A Year?

Is STAR WARS going to be Disney’s new cash cow?

Is STAR WARS going to be Disney’s new cash cow?

In the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy confirms that Disney is planning on releasing not just a single STAR WARS entry every 2-3 years, but at least two or three movies every year! 

What this idea exactly constitutes is still undetermined, but fans can assume that just like Marvel, there will be a number of single character storylines centered around the main EPISODE that’ll be released every third year.  (And don’t forget the potential for the ridiculous number of animated films for kids…)

So the question is will Disney be able to pull off a Marvel and create a STAR WARS universe that delivers, or are our fears of Lucas exploiting the franchise finally coming full circle, but with a talking mouse at the helm? 

Let us know what you think!

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