Safari jumpTourists in South Africa got the shock of their life when an Impala jumped and DOVE THROUGH a car window to escape a cheetah. So in conclusion, yes, those drive through safaris can be dangerous. A llama reaching in for your Frito’s is the least of your worries.

This happened overseas, but in general, I don’t like these drive through safaris. I do not find a monkey on my radio antenna adorable. I find it very disturbing, and I’m not sure the animals are so crazy about it either. In any case, During your average day at Kruger National Park, two hungry cheetah were after a group of impalas when one decided it had no choice but to dive into an SUV for safety. After what I can only imagine were a bunch of obscenities, wet pants, and screaming, the car owners opened the side door, the Impala jumped back out. The cheetahs were about as surprised as anyone else, looking elsewhere for their next meal.

[video via Bancroft TV]

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