LISTEN: Robin Thicke Versus Marvin Gaye…And Learn Why Robin Thicke Is Suing To Protect Himself.

Gaye ThickeRobin Thicke wants to protect himself.

After claims that the hit song Blurred Lines sounds strangely similar to Gaye’s Got To Give Up, (listen to a comparison below) an attorney for Thicke and collaborators Williams and Clifford Harris Jr (aka T.I.) filed a lawsuit Thursday  asking a federal judge to determine that their tune does not copy Gaye and another song from Funkadelic (George Clinton.)

George Clinton himself seems to want no part in any lawsuit, tweeting “No sample of #Funkadelic’s ‘Sexy Ways’ in @robinthicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ – yet Armen Boladian thinks so? We support @robinthicke @Pharrell!”

The suit filed by Thicke’s team, reportedly reads:

“Plaintiffs, who have the utmost respect for and admiration of Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic and their musical legacies, reluctantly file this action in the face of multiple adverse claims from alleged successors in interest to those artists. Defendants continue to insist that plaintiffs’ massively successful composition, ‘Blurred Lines,’ copies ‘their’ compositions.”

Listen, and judge for yourself!

If that comparison isn’t enough, check out the songs in question individually…

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