If you saw a bearded, red-eyed, hat adorned man crying on the 1 train this morning, it wasn’t a homeless guy with a bad case of the Mondays…it was just me swallowed by the feels of the latest Hamildrop. Broadway actor, playwright, lyricist and all around superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda, has pioneered a new project entitled Hamilton Hamildrops, which releases new music derived from the mega-hit, Broadway musical once a month for the entire year of 2018. This month’s project is particularly exciting as it features new Broadway powerhouse Ben Platt, who rose to popularity after originating the role of the titular character of the hugely successful Dear Evan Hansen. Miranda and Platt pluck at the heartstrings while singing “Found Tonight” which is a mashup of “You Will Be Found” and “The Story Of Tonight,” which are two of the most inspirational songs from their respective musicals. As if I wasn’t sniveling enough already, the icing on the tear soaked cake is that the proceeds from each iTunes purchase will go to March For Our Lives, the student led movement to end gun violence.

Don’t throw away your shot, listen to the inspirational song below!

And if you want to be a bit of an inspirational aid yourself, purchase the song here!