MUSIC NEWS: Fifth Harmony Announces “Hiatus”

Harmonizers everywhere let out a sour note today when they heard that Fifth Harmony has officially taken a hiatus. The popular girl group was first banded together by Simon Cowell on the X-factor in 2012 after each member auditioned individually. As individuals, the girls did not make it far in the competition, but Cowell saw the potential and turned them into the successful singing group that came in third place that season. Since then, the gals released 3 albums, which have spawned many top 10 hits, and had everyone suddenly wanting to “Work From Home.”

It wasn’t all power ballads and dance hits, the quintet had their fair share of issues as well. In 2016, Camila Cabello shocked fans by announcing her departure from the group. The remaining four girls, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Normani, and Lauren Jauregui kept on harmonizing despite rumblings that the group might be facing troubles, especially since Cabello’s solo career rose so quickly and so successfully.

Well, today on the official Instagram for the group, a statement citing a “hiatus” was posted. The post mentions that after six years on non-stop work, the girls need a little time to “stay authentic” to themselves and “pursue solo endeavors.” It may be hard to imagine that each of the girls will hit solo success like Cabello has, but we have seen other groups disband with each member finding his or her own success. When One Direction disbanded, many people thought Harry Styles would be the only one who would release chart topping music, but each of the band’s five members have had their moment on top of the charts. It will be interesting to see what’s next for each of the girls, and if we will ever see a full Fifth Harmony reunion.

Check out the official statement below!


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