TRAILER: Jack Black And Cate Blanchett Star In New, Fantasy Film

As a bit of a stretch from an animated panda, Jack Black stars asĀ Jonathan Barnavelt in the fantasy filmĀ The House With A Clock In The Walls. Black’s character is a quirky, well-intentioned warlock who welcomes his orphaned nephew to live with him. Barnavelt’s home was previously owned by some black magic baddies who built a clock inside the walls somewhere in the house. The clock’s intent is to harness magical energy so that the sinister, former homeowners can finally destroy the world. Assisting in the battle for good is Barnevelt’s powerful, good witch of a neighbor Florence Zimmerman, portrayed by the stunning Cate Blanchett. The movie looks like a good family film that will be whimsical but action packed. It’s nice to see Black as the adult and caretaker of a child in this film, instead of the childish, goofball he has typically portrayed in the past. The film, which is adapted from the book with the same name, seems like it could make for the next fantasy series that sweeps theaters everywhere. The film hits theaters in September! Take a look at the trailer below!


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