REALI-TEASE: ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ First Look Promises Lies, New Wives and Umbrella Chokeholds!

Gizelle says we are all on a “journey” and this season it seems like the Real Housewives Of Potomac are on a dangerous one.

The extended sneak peek below starts out with some fun times. The ladies roll around in human hamster balls. There’s some trendy cool-sculpting. A group high five even takes place! Well 13 episodes of that wouldn’t be very exciting, so luckily for us the drama kicks in almost immediately. Let’s break down the drama one housewife at a time:

Karen Huger: The money issues from Season 2 seem to have carried over to this season. Remember last season when she had to downsize from her mega mansion and moved in the middle of the night? The other wives seem to think that she doesn’t even live in that new home now! Oh and she and the “Black Bill Gates” might be headed for divorce!

Gizelle Bryant: Ever the one to stir the pot, Gizelle seems fixated on Karen’s finances and hatches a scheme to get to the bottom of things. There’s also an emotional shampoo session which has me the most intrigued.

Robyn Dixon: Still standing strong as Gizelle’s ride or die, Robyn is of course the pawn in Bryant’s scheme to find out more about Karen’s living situation. There’s a pizza-delivery-guy costume and everything.  There’s also a moment with an umbrella, but we will get to that in a second….

Ashley Darby: The marital woes she revealed during the reunion of last season seem to have persisted. It looks like she is still with Michael (albeit under strained circumstances), but he is making her choose between their marriage and her mother.

Candice Dillard: She’s he new girl in town and was apparently brought here “by Jesus.” Amen.

Monique Samuels: This is going to be her season. Her storylines involve a demanding home life, a car wreck and choking Robyn out with an umbrella. Fans love a good prop…whether it be flipping tables, waving scepters or flying prosthetic legs so something tells me this is the next scene to go down in Housewives infamy!

Oh…Charrisse Jackson-Jordan got reduced to friend status for this season…womp womp.

Take a look at the exciting trailer and tune in to Bravo on April 1st!


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