SNEAK PEEK: ‘Shah’s Of Sunset’ Serves Shocking Seventh Season

Shah’s Of Sunset serves shocking seventh season by the sea shore…a modern day tongue twister. The hit Bravo reality show is back for it’s seventh season, and it seems that the Persian posse is still bringing the drama.

This season, we see the once jaded Mercedes Javid take a walk down the aisle to marry the charming/hilarious Tommy. What would a reality show be without a few bumps in the road, so of course we see MJ threaten to call off the wedding. Sadly, it’s not all dresses and daisies for MJ as her ailing father passes away before her big day. As if two significant storylines were not enough, MJ is also at odds with Golnesa (GG) this season. While we are on the subject of GG, it seems like her two month marriage to Shalom is really over. Who could have possibly predicted that…? Alas, don’t feel too bad for the pretty Persian seeing as new cast member Nema seems to be keeping her plenty occupied. Another unexpected blowout comes from besties Mike and Reza. The snippet of their blowout has Mike reprimanding Reza for crossing a line that should not be crossed. What line could that be?!? There seems to be drama with the other most important man in Reza’s life, his husband Adam, as the discussion of children is brought up once again. Reza has struggled with commitment in the past and it seems as though he may be delaying having a child using the excuse of the expenses from the couple’s new home. Never one to shy away from a pot that needs stirring, Asa (who’s been demoted to “friend”) comes through to inform Adam that she isn’t even sure if Reza ever wants to have children. Phew, that is a lot of drama to digest from just one sneak peek.

It’s worth mentioning that adding to the mayhem will Destiney Rose, recently promoted to series regular, and Nema Vand. The newbies will take the place of Asa and Shervin, the latter of which will only be making “guest appearances” this season. Let’s see how these two Shah’s shake up Beverly Hills. The seventh season of Shah’s Of Sunset will premier on August 2nd at 9pm EST on Bravo. Check out the sneak peek below!

Mercedes “MJ” Javid

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