B’WAY BUZZ: June’s #Hamildrop Gets Deep…Mobb Deep That Is

We may all be joking about LONG 2018 feels but I just realized that we are officially halfway through the #Hamildrops series, which makes me wish we had 18 more months left in this year.

From the genius mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda comes the latest installment of his year-long endeavor #Hamildrops, where once each month fans are treated to new Hamilton content. Rap superstars, Mobb Deep take the lead on this month’s song is entitled “Boom Goes The Cannon.” The song samples “Right Hand Man,” a song from the musical smash hit, and was one of the last projects Prodigy performed on before his untimely passing.

Prodigy and Havoc joined together to form Mobb Deep back in 1991. The became staples in the hip hop and rap community in 1995 with their second album, The Infamous. It was not long until the duo was recognized as one of the greatest hip hop groups of all times, often praised for their straightforward storytelling. On June 20, 2017, Prodigy lost his life after accidentally choking. It was a shock to the both the community and fans everywhere.

Miranda tweeted the announcement of the new song with the caption “Rest in peace Prodigy. Thank you Havoc.” He also said in an official statement

“I feel so humbled and grateful that Havoc and Prodigy not only came to see us at the Rodgers in 2016, but were inspired to create this track before Prodigy’s untimely passing last year. Their lyrics, as ever, paint a vivid picture of friendship and solidarity in the face of overwhelming odds. I’m unbelievably proud to present new Mobb Deep music in 2018. This one’s for Queensbridge. ‘Boom Goes The Cannon…’ incorporates a sample of ‘Right Hand Man’ while Prodigy delivers his verse as George Washington, one of the characters from Hamilton.”

Havoc also spoke about his excitement around the project while also saying that Prodigy will “forever be my ‘right hand man.” All of the emotional levels that must have occurred for Havoc since the project was first worked on back in 2016 magnifies the power behind the song. Take a listen to the latest #Hamildrop below, and stay tuned for next month when the next stroke of genius drops!



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