VIRAL: ‘I’m Gonna Show YOU’ The LA Realtor Whose Motivation Is Taking The Internet By Storm

For the last few weeks I have developed a terrible condition I think many of us suffer from, the midday slump. Come 2 o’clock, I am practically rendered comatose by my lethargy. To combat this, I have tried drinking all-natural, energy drinks, which then progressed to guzzling down a good ol’ can of Diet Cola, which ultimately evolved into pinching a clothespin onto my sensitive parts just to jolt myself awake. Sadly, none of this has worked, and now I have awkward bruises to explain. Well, the gods have graced me and those like me with the newest motivational tool to push you through those sluggish afternoons. Allow me to introduce you to Veronica Recinos.

She’s strong. She’s sassy. And she is the internet’s new favorite obsession. Virtually overnight, Recinos has become a social media phenomenon with everyone dazzled by how much they want to accomplish after hearing her adverts. Recinos is an LA based realtor with Century 21, who began hosting first time, homeowner seminars a while back. I am sure the seminars are powerful, but it’s the homemade advertisements that we can’t get enough of!

It’s clear that the seasoned realtor actually knows what she is doing, but it’s the passion behind these videos that has really captured my heart. As time has gone on, Recinos has added production value to her pieces with things like fancy wardrobe options, walk on entrances and, of course, the now-almost-legendary stomp out of frame. But the video that has turned Recinos into an internet sensation is the one below.

I hope filming that only took one take, I can’t bear to think of how much wine could have been wasted otherwise! The internet has gone mad over their new motivational leader and have taken to social media to praise the queen.

Move over sugary energy drink. Take a hike, diet cola! All I need now is Veronica Recinos to show ME how to stay awake through the work day.