B’WAY BUZZ: Latest #Hamildrop Might Just Leave You ‘Helpless’

Lin-Manuel Miranda has made Christmas a monthly event. Every month in 2018, the Hamilton creator releases new content related to the mega-hit, Broadway musical. I check the Hamildrops website with as much anticipation as children awaiting the sounds of reindeer on rooftops.

Each one of the #Hamildrops have been vastly different, which just magnifies the talents of Mr. Miranda. We have seen raps, ballads, and even a comical polka within the series. Well, this month we are treated to a rock version of the song “Helpless,” originally sung by Phillipa Soo in the Broadway rendition. The song is a sweet long song that has Eliza Schuyler reminiscing about how instantaneously she fell for Alexander Hamilton. In this revised version, The Regrettes, a LA based punk-rock girl group, give the song a rock and roll flare. With the addition of the guitars and drums, along with the increased tempo, the song sounds completely different. I don’t know if I would call this bad-ass group “helpless” however, because they rock this song hard! The idea for the twist came from producer Mike Elizondo who suggested the idea to Miranda.

Give the song a listen, and check back next month to see the next #Hamildrop!


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