WOW: Check Out All The Powerful Women Maroon 5 And Cardi B Celebrate In Their New Music Video

Beyoncé was right….girls do run the world. And Maroon 5 knows that’s the truth.

To celebrate all of the strong women his daughters can look up to, Adam Levine and the rest of the band released a new single called “Girls Like You,”along with a star studded music video. Helping to make this song a certified hit is a feature by the one and only, Cardi B.

The video starts out with the band in a simple setting, with just some lights and a angular walls in the background. Forty seconds in, however, we see Camilla Cabello bopping along to the song while standing back to back with Levine. This cameo is just the first of many, as 26 other influential women make special appearances. Those women are:

Phoebe Robinson

Aly Raisman

Sarah Silverman

Gal Godot

Lily Singh aka IISuperwomanII

Amani Al-Khatantbeh

Trace Lysette

Tiffany Haddish

Angy Rivera

Franchesca Ramsey

Millie Bobby Brown

Ellen Degeneres

Cardi B.

Jennifer Lopez

Chloe Kim

Alex Morgan

Mary J. Blige

Beanie Feldstein

Jackie Fielder

Danica Patrick

Ilhan Omar

Elizabeth Banks

Ashley Graham

Rita Ora

The last two cameos are made by the most important women in Levine’s life, wife Behati Prinsloo and daughter, Dusty Rose. The video provides an exciting mix of a melted heart, and strong empowerment. This is a perfect nod to the women who will all serve as role models for Levine’s two daughters. Take a look and listen below!


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