POP MUSIC: Cardi B And Bruno Mars Make Music Magic AGAIN With New Single ‘Please Me’

It’s only been a year since Bruno Mars and Cardi B teamed up to make one of the hottest bops of 2018, “Finesse,” but is it ever really too soon for a new jam by two of the hottest artists of our time? Speaking of hot…their new single, “Please Me,” will have you reaching for the garden hose. The thirst is epic!

After taking a hiatus from social media following backlash for her Grammy win, Cardi B returned to Instagram on Wednesday to tease the steamy new single.


The new single has a much different feel than their first collaboration. There is a smooth R&B vibe to “Please Me” that will make you want to get up and do a slow body roll. It seems like anytime Cardi B and Bruno Mars team up the world will be a much hotter place.

Click below to hear the brand new single, “Please Me.”

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