POP TV: Guard Your Phones! ‘Crank Yankers’ Is Coming Back To Tv

You might want to think twice before you answer your next phone call. Remain calm, this is not a warning for another identity-compromising bug glitching through our cell phones…I’m just letting you know that next time you answer that call you might be talking to a puppet. That’s right, Crank Yankers is coming back to tv!

The popular prank phone calling show ended it’s five year run back in 2007. Back then, the show featured some hilarious prank calls which were acted out by some unusual looking puppets. The show’s producer, Jimmy Kimmel, talked with Variety to share his excitement for the reboot and said that the pranks will cast a wider net with “pranking on phones, social media, e-sport platforms and any venue where trouble can be made.” Omg not even my Insta is safe?! In a statement about the reboot Kimmel said:

 “Crank Yankers has always been my favorite show to make. Nothing is more fun or makes me laugh harder than a great crank call and I am thrilled that Comedy Central asked us to do it again. At this time, I would like to ask all Americans to disable their caller ID. Thank you.”

You heard the man! Take a risk and answer those unknown callers. The next one might be more fun than some robot lady asking about your insurance needs. Twenty episodes of the funny show have been ordered but there is no release date yet. Till then, you can always watch clips on YouTube of what made us laugh till we cried on Crank Yankers.

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