POLL: YouTuber Tyler Oakley Made A 12-Minute Video Ranking Different Ways To Eat Potatoes So We Have To Know Which Is Your Favorite?

Is your spud a stud or a dud?

The potato is really the Meryl Streep of the food world. It is grounded, versatile and adored by many. I’m sure Meryl wouldn’t necessarily like being compared to a root vegetable but it’s not like I’m comparing her to Brussel sprouts. In any event, with all of the ways to enjoy a potato, whether it’d be mashed, fried, baked, boiled or sipped (here’s looking at you Vodka), it couldn’t hurt to have a definitive ranking of all the ways you can enjoy a spud. Well luckily for us YouTuber Tyler Oakley created a nearly 12-minute video dedicated to just this.

In the video, which Tyler describes as “controversial,” the viral sensation breaks down 20 different forms of potato and ranks each one from “God Tier” to a big, old, stinking F. Tyler comes out swinging by stating he does not like the classic baked potato. I feel I have to oppose this strong start because while a baked potato may not be the fanciest way to enjoy the carbohydrate, it is like the little black dress of the potato world. It can be dressed up, dressed down, accessorized and perfect for any occasion. For those keeping track I have now compared a potato to both an Oscar winning actress and a fashion staple. The video continues on with some more controversial tater-takes, hilarious commentary and only two contenders making it to the “God Tier” ranking.

So we want to know, how do you like your taters?

Vote on the poll below to see just how popular your potato is.

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