Super Bowl Surprise: The New GoDaddy SpokesGal is…

Well, I don’t think anyone saw THIS coming… but sure enough… after weeks of hype, the new spokeswoman for is none other can edgy, awesome comedienne Joan Rivers… with an amazing cgi figure! Rivers explains that with her new domain she got a new body.

Previous ads and teases showed only sexy shots of body parts… legs, breasts… but never a face… and the commercial that revealed Rivers kept viewers in suspense until the very last moment.

The company’s website has a full length 2 minute ad that expands beyond the super bowl commercial, which shows some pretty impressive special effects. Rivers looks like she truly has a new body – but her ubiquitous razor-sharp wit is firmly in tact!

Here’s the TV version – but you REALLY have to see the full length version at the link that’s below…

Check out the full commercial HERE.

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