WATCH: Raccoon Versus Garden Hose

I for one am completely stumped how we humans, who are suckers for anything cute, have failed to domesticate the raccoon yet. It's probably because they would destroy our houses, or scratch our eyes in our sleep or something, but this raccoon with a water hose is pretty cute.

AWWW VIDEO: Kitten Meets Hedgehog

This cute kitten and adorable hedgehog have teamed up to become a viral sensation together. (Because cute animals always go viral.) They're meeting for the first time.

TRAILER ALERT: A Good Day To Die Hard!

If you're looking for action on Valentines Day, Bruce Willis is happy to oblige. (Not THAT kind of action. MOVIE ACTION!!) Willis is back in the role that made him an international action star - with 'A Good Day To Die Hard." Check out the trailer.