FUNNY VIRAL VIDEO: ‘Invisible’ Driver Drive-Thru Prank

Online jokester Rahat is famous for tricking the employees of drive thru windows. In this one, he rigs a seat so it looks like the car is pulling up without a driver, and watches the fast food workers completely freak out. The results are hysterical. This one went viral quickly!

VIRAL @#$@#$ VIDEO: Comic Greg Benson’s Irreverent Vacation Cruise Videos

Comedian Greg Benson is an irreverent, foul mouthed, but also kind guy who's going viral with his unorthodox videos from his cruise vacation. His profanity ridden (its bleeped) tour of the ship is probably the most unlikely publicity this cruise ship has ever gotten. Then, he interviews Harold, an 81 year old karaoke singer who sounds like he's going to cough something up during his performance.