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POP INTERVIEW: Thanks To YouTube And Immense Talent, Vocal Powerhouse Andra Day Signed A Record Deal. Hear What Everyone Will Be Raving About.

One listen and you’ll understand why Andra Day should be on everyone’s playlist.



You may not have heard about Andra Day yet – but it won’t be long. It was barely two months ago when the singer posted a handful of videos on YouTube – singing mashups and covers with a voice that will knock you off your feet. Now, she’s got a brand new record deal. One listen and you’ll understand why. I chatted with Day about online stardom, the unpredictability of ‘planning’ your career, and what’s next for the artist.


BRIAN: I have to tell you – the moment I watched and heard you sing on YouTube, I thought “In my own small way, I want to help the world see this woman!” I want to contribute in whatever way I can to your success! Have you found that to be happening a lot where people want to help, or do you instead feel more from the people who are ‘barnacles’ – who just want to jump along for the ride and take advantage of it in what might be the wrong way?

ANDRA: The funny thing is – this is like night and day – I had actually experienced that through the early parts of my career – I had experienced the ‘barnacles’ – But this is such a blessing in my life – my manager and my producers – I’ve never met people that are so passionate about me! They want to see me succeed and I had never seen that before outside my family. It’s such a blessing.

MORE OF THE INTERVIEW BELOW… But here she is singing Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best”!!

BRIAN: You come from a musical family… your sister is also really musical too, right?

ANDRA: My sister and I jam together a lot – random stuff – my sister plays guitar and piano. She’s actually the genius.

BRIAN: Has it always been music for you? When did this love affair start?

ANDRA: I guess I’ve always loved music. My dad was always into Motown and soul and R&B, my mom loved classic rock. But actually, I was a dancer when I first started. When I was five I started dancing – and I guess it really went that way right into music

When I was 12, I went to a performing arts school called the San Diego School for Creative and Performing Arts,  and I was exposed to jazz and classical. I was in the sixth grade. It consumed me, pretty much.

PHOTO AT LEFT BY  Giuliano Bekor. Check out more of his work at

BRIAN: This year, you posted a bunch of videos of yourself performing.  Suddenly out of nowhere, there you were – and people all over the world (myself included!) were blown away. When did you realize that these videos weren’t just being viewed by a few people – that they were in fact going viral?

ANDRA: I didn’t expect it to happen this way, so it’s a pleasant surprise to say the least. I mean, I’m still working! I’m still working on songs – so I wasn’t really thinking about it at first.

In one day we recorded a bunch of them – we were planning on doing this over a course of six months to a year. Then, my manager was calling me. When (views) got up to hundred, I was excited – but when it went upwards of 100 thousand, I was like ‘I cannot believe this is happening.’

And the label interest – and offers on the table – in went crazy in under two months! I’m still kind of catching up.

Here she is with a mashup of (Amy Winehouse) and (Lauryn Hill) “He Can Only Hold Her” vs “Doo-Wop That Thing”

BRIAN: You got some offers – what made you able to wait?  Wasn’t it killing you?

I think because I was with such a great production company – my manager, my producer – Jeffrey Evans and Buskin Entertainment, they are more than capable of putting out something themselves. They have the ability to do it and promote it on their own.

UPDATE: Great news! In the days since this interview took place, Andra Day signed a record deal with Warner Brothers! So the waiting has certainly paid off.

BRIAN: Are you modeling your career track off of anyone in particular?

ANDRA: Yeah – Michael Jackson! Hahaha! I’m just kidding! No, not really. I never thought that I would be doing YouTube videos and go viral. I remember when I was young and I would have this ‘plan,’ but time and God would intervene, and be like,’No.’ Well THIS was my plan.

We don’t model my career after anyone specific, but we do like to model it after something organic – not too overproduced. Let the audience relate. Any artists that are similar to that I kind of relate to.

BRIAN: You’ve got a great look… Does that come naturally to you or do you have some good advisors around…

ANDRA: It’s funny… that’s pretty much me. We thought about stylists, and it’s not necessarily that what they sent over wasn’t amazing – but when you’re trying to put on something that doesn’t feel natural and you’re moving and singing on stage and feeling uncomfortable ….I’m glad to have the freedom.

BRIAN: What do you hope for next?

I know it sounds cliché, but I do want to reach people – because there is a much more personal story in what I’ve done with this album, as opposed to when I was younger just doing what I thought my music was supposed to be. There are a lot of lessons in my music now, and I hope it translates to people. It’s more about forgiveness and being forgiven, and being completely honest.

And sure, I’d like to get it across to people in a 60 thousand stadium!

BRIAN: You will! It won’t be long now!

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Compare and Decide: A Jury Decided Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Copied Flame’s Song “Joyful Noise.” Do You Agree?



Katy Perry’s got a Grammy nomination for her 2013 hit “Dark Horse.” But a jury says the tune lifted a riff from a Christian rapper’s 2009 song “Joyful Noise.”

There’s little doubt there is a part of the song that is similar in both tunes. The question is, how much will it cost Perry’s camp. The jury was unanimous that there was some ample borrowing going on. (I’m paraphrasing.) And ultimately decided that Perry and her collaborators should pay him $2.78 million.

For your consideration, the two songs are below. Listen to at least a minute of both. You’ll hear the part they’re talking about.

The price of that little riff could be a high one. Last year, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were ordered to pay nearly $5 million to Marvin Gaye’s family over similarities in their 2013 hit “Blurred Lines.”

Videos below.




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Lizzo Is An Icon In The Making – And Here’s Why



Mirror, mirror on the wall don’t say it ‘cause we know Lizzo cute. And by cute I mean extremely talented, gorgeous and totally inspiring!

A few months ago I was watching The Ellen Degeneres Show when I witnessed one of the most fun, exciting and awe-inspiring performances I’ve ever seen. Lizzo popped onto the screen in a sparkly, pink getup and began singing what would become her big hit song, “Juice,” – I was immediately hooked (more like obsessed). During this performance she also jammed out on her flute alongside her plus-sized backup dancers and suddenly I knew I had been changed forever. I did some more research on the rapper/singer and found out I had been sleeping on this gem! Lizzo has been doing bad all by her damn self for years, having already released two albums in the past. I am suddenly mad at every single person who neglected to tell me to jump on the Lizzo train sooner! If you’re like me and need a bit of catch up, I’m going to break down exactly why you need to know this icon in the making.

You can throw a stone in any direction and hit a triple threat nowadays. Lizzo’s brings talents we have yet to see in the mainstream music industry.

If singing, rapping and dancing make Lizzo a triple threat, what does flute playing making her?!? A STAR THAT’S WHAT! Lizzo has displayed her abilities as a talented flautist, which is not an instrument you would necessarily think of in conjunction with the rap genre making this talent all the more extraordinary. Lizzo even used her flauting skills to compete (and defeat IMO) with Ron Burgundy. Not Will Ferrell, but Ron Burgundy.

Oh, and she can also twerk while playing the flute. 

As if playing the flute wasn’t impressive enough, Lizzo can also twerk while playing. I really hope some high school kid is deciding to take band just so he/she can flutwerk their way around campus like their fav flautist, Lizzo.

Lizzo uses her platform to inspire and raise up everyone around her.

Lizzo uses her voice for more than just creating fire music, ya know. She uses her platform to defend the belief that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Her Twitter is filled with positivity and strong messages about acceptance.


Uhm…she’s straight up gorgeous. 

We cant forget to mention that Lizzo is a straight up beauty queen. She is known to switch up her look but I’ve never seen a bad pic of this queen. To solidify my point, she is now officially the first, plus sized black woman to be featured in Playboy magazine!


Move over Avenger’s, Lizzo has been in a comic book too!

Ok indulge the nerd in me on this one…Lizzo was even featured in a comic book!!! That’s right, she has become so influential that even Marvel comics wanted a piece of the Lizzo-pie. Check out this shout-out in Unstoppable Wasp #4!


So now that you have become as obsessed as I have, you are probably wondering how you can get even more Lizzo in your life. Well lucky for you, her new album dropped TODAY! Her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, is available anywhere you listen to music and let me tell you, YOU WILL LOVE IT. The album is varied and showcases all of Lizzo’s incredible range with some songs being upbeat and funky, and others being slowed down and heart wrenching. For a taste of what to expect, click below to listen to the title track of the album. If the new album still doesn’t satisfy the hunger for more Lizzo, she’s also on tour! You can click here for more info on tour dates.

Oh Lizzo…you are most definitely 100% that bitch.  

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LISTEN AND VOTE: Madonna Has A New Single. What Do You Think?



Madonna has released her first single in three years. Her highly-anticipated 14th studio album Madame X will be released on June 14 – but the first single is out now.

The premiere single, “Medellin,”features Colombian superstar Maluma. She credits her experiences living in Lisbon, Portugal over the past several years as a strong influence into the tracks. 15 new songs will lean heavily into Latin and global beats. (Not to mention Maluma’s incredible popularity – he has nearly six million followers on twitter.)

Lisbon is where my record was born,” Madonna says. “I found my tribe there and a magical world of incredible musicians that reinforced my belief that music across the world is truly all connected and is the soul of the universe.


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