You Won’t Stop Smiling When You See 59-Year Old Viral Sensation Tammy Ortery’s Dance Videos

She dances and everyone is watching.

You know you’re in the presence of greatness when someone’s Twitter bio mentions they “drink Malibu” and they “just want to make people smile!!” Well the internet’s newest, viral sensation Tammy Ortery could not have more greatness even if she tried as proven by the millions of views her dancing videos have garnered.

Talking with Hello50 Tammy spoke about how her journey to viral stardom began. “My daughter and I danced in a video, and my daughter’s friend said your mom should go on Tik Tok.  A month later, it took off.” And took off it did! Tammy’s videos have garnered attention from viewers from all around the world with fans sharing the love from as far as Germany and Bangladesh. As if that isn’t impressive enough Janet Jackson…Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty…has shared one of Tammy’s videos on Instagram AND Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson even recreated one of her dances!

Tammy’s videos are exactly what we all need right now. Just pure joy, fun and a reminder that we should all dance like nobody’s watching…even if everyone is watching!

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