Bill Nye Goes Viral For TikTok Demonstrating The Importance Of Wearing A Face Mask

Perhaps we should listen to the SCIENCE GUY.

It has been well over a hundred days since the coronavirus began shutting down the United States and for some reason there is still a debate roaring about why we should be taking the simplest of measures to protect ourselves and others from the potentially deadly virus. Well luckily for us, scientist Bill Nye just shared a very informative TikTok explaining just how important the use of face masks is during this unprecedented time.

The 64-year old tv star made a series of two TikToks (meaning it literally takes less than 2 minutes to understand this message) demonstrating the effectiveness of different face coverings and then explaining just how important it is to wear one. Face masks… prevent particles from my respiratory system from getting into the air and getting into your respiratory system” Nye shares. 

The experiment shows the scientist trying to blow out a lit candle while wearing a knitted scarf, a homemade double layered mask, and then an N-95 mask. Obviously the medical grade N-95 mask garnered the best results but Nye goes on to reiterate the importance of face coverings in general by saying “Everybody, this is a matter literally of life and death. And when I use the word ‘literally’, I mean literally a matter of life and death.” Eerie to hear it put it that way but that is the truth!

Check out the videos below and get yourself a good mask!

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