Rebecca Black May Have Made Me Like Her In New Funny Or Die Video

Rebecca Black, the teen phenom whose “Friday” video - oh, you know who I mean – wasn’t a favorite of mine… but her deadpan (tongue in cheek) in-depth explanation of the deep metaphors within the song has made me change my mind. She does a pretty great job at delivering a seemingly serious performance here.

Watch the video, but here’s some of what she says:

‘”Gotta have my bowl… gotta have cereal.’ That line… that line is about consumerism.

I GOTTA have my bowl! I GOTTA have my cereal. We can’t LIVE without these things in modern society.

The choice between the front seat and the backseat is actually a metaphor for American foreign policy.

It goes ON like this. Props to a fourteen year old girl for taking all this in stride and riding the wave!


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