Lindsay Lohan Says Her Sidewalk Face Plant Was One Of Complete Sobriety

Lindsay Lohan must think she can’t catch a break. But when she fell and ate some sidewalk in NYC and nearly broke her face, that wasn’t the break she was looking for.

Natch, cameras caught the incident, (Check out the pictures HERE) and there began the speculation that she was two sheets to the wind… wait, is it three sheets? How many sheets need to be to the wind to be considered drunk?

“I was NOT drinking, nor do I drink!” Lohan told TMZ of the photos, which show her laughing, cigarette in hand, on the ground.

Then she turned to every celebrity’s instant publicist – Twitter:

She should avoid making jokes.

On Facebook, she described herself as a “klutz.”  (damn, she needs to get off the wi-fi!) And she has contended to everyone that just because she’s out on the town doesn’t mean she’s a drunk.

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