VIDEO: News Anchor Drunk On Air?

This newscast looks like it would be painful on a good day... but KEYC News 12 managed to get worse when weekend anchor Annie Stensrud appeared to be drunk off her arse, stumbling through the report with slurred speech and missed beats, and a Minnesota accent to boot.

VIDEO: “Army Wives” Star Kim Delaney Escorted Off Stage During Bizarre, Slurred Speech

The publicist for Army Wives star Kim Delaney has their thinking caps on tonight, mulling over how to explain Delaney's pretty bonkers speaking engagement at the Liberty Medal Awards. She painfully stumbled, slurred, and eerily grinned through her speech until she was escorted offstage without finishing. And ohhhh yeah, it's all on tape.

VIDEO: Big Brother Is Watching Your Sorry Drunk Arse.

He was kicked out of a celebrity studded event in the London. Then, surveillance cameras all over London's Savoy Hotel, which hosted the event, captured him SERIOUSLY stumbling around before getting home. Now, he's a mystery celebrity in the United Kingdom, and people are trying to find him.