Rebecca Black

“MUSIC” VIDEO: Move Over, Rebecca Black, The Song “It’s Thanksgiving” Is NOT TO BE BELIEVED.

There's yet ANOTHER new 'pop" 'song' out that will have you groaning, laughing, and singing along incredulously. "It's Thanksgiving" is brought to you by the guy who wrote and produced "Friday" - and it's even more ridiculous. With inane lyrics about stuffing, all the holidays and which month they fall in, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll forward it around.

VIDEO: “That Girl In Pink” From Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Now Has Her OWN Music Video.

For those of you among the tens of millions of people who have seen Rebecca Black's video "Friday" - you may remember the young girl dancing in the convertible (some say awkwardly) with Rebecca. Well now her braces are off, some hair extensions are in (I assume), and she's got her OWN music video. Yep, she does.

VIDEO: Rebecca Black Performs LIVE. Without Lipsynching. Word, RB!

I should say upfront that I have done a total turnaround on Rebecca Black. I used to roll my eyes. Now, I applaud her for sticking to her guns, rolling with the many punches she's being thrown (via internet haters) and just going for it. As you watch this performance, let's consider Rebecca Black our little sister who just happens to be getting worldwide attention - and give her some love.

Rebecca Black Is Coming Back!

Rebecca Black, whose catchy-in-spite-of-itself song "Friday" became a viral sensation, is about to bring more music to the masses. A release date for her new single has been announced. Producers and songwriters with credibility were involved this time.