Rebecca Black Is WINNING – With TENS OF THOUSANDS of Dollars In Music Sales A Week.

Sure, some might say that listening to her ‘single’ Friday is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard while drinking thumbtacks. But Rebecca Black, once laughed at, is now doing the laughing. Or rather… counting. Money. About 27 thousand dollars a week of money.

Black’s mom paid $2,000 to an LA company to record the song and make the video. It became a viral sensation, largely in part to its epic awfulness. (In her defense, it’s the lyrics that are the most insufferable…. ‘We so excited. We so excited.’ are among them, as well as an explanation of how Thursday comes before Friday, and Saturday and Sunday come after. My head hurts already.

In any case, the song went viral and has since received more than 35 million views… 13 million more than Lady Gaga’s Born This Way as of this posting.

But that’s just the beginning. The Hollywood Reporter has the startling news that the song, downloaded on iTunes several hundred thousand times now, pays out 70 cents per download. Meaning Black is getting roughly 27 thousand dollars or so a week right now.

Natch, Black is capitalizing on the phenomenon, recording an acoustic version (shudder) too.

Enjoy contributing to her success! Here’s the ‘video’ below…

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