WATCH: Rebecca Black Is Back And Making You Wish Everyday Was ‘Friday’

Remember 2010? The tv show Lost ended, and confused pretty much everyone. Inception tore friendships apart as fans tried to figure out what was up with that spinning top. And most importantly, the most iconic song of the decade was released: “Friday” by the one, the only, Rebecca Black.

Black released the song when she was only 13, after her parents found a company that would provide a song and produce a music video for the pop star hopeful. The song quickly went viral, and amassed over a hundred-million views in a matter of days. Exciting as that may sound, the views were not gained because of how good people thought the song was. In fact, people began trolling Black so badly, she feared for her own safety. The song  was a simple tune with unoriginal lyrics about how excited a young teenager could be for Fridays. For years she became the bud of internet jokes and the song was even dubbed “the worst song in history” by critics. The poor girl was never even given a chance to redeem herself. Until now…

On the musical competition show The Four, singers have a chance to bump out one of 4 pre-selected singers for a chance to compete in the finals. The winner of the show is granted a recording contract with Republic Records. Well on the premiere of the show’s second season, Black stepped onto the stage to show everyone what she has been up to in the 8 years since her musical flop. Judge Meghan Trainor immediately recognized the viral sensation and was beyond excited to see Black bounce back from all the hate she received. I have to admit, I was a watching the singer’s performance with one eye closed because I was terrified that we were about to witness another train wreck, only this time it would be on national television. But I was wrong! Her performance was fun, fun, fun, fun. Black gave us a #FlashBackFriday with her song choice of “Bye, Bye, Bye” by N’Sync, and totally crushed it! The audience went nuts as she sang, and Trainor was so happy to see how far the singer has grown. The “Simon Cowell” of the show, Diddy, wasn’t sure if he could put her through to the next round, but had a change of heart and does! This could be Black’s big redemption! Take a look at the video below and watch a second chance unfold right before your eyes. #BlackIsBack!



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