Rebecca Black, whose catchy-in-spite-of-itself song “Friday” became a viral sensation, is about to bring more music to the masses. A release date for her new single has been announced. Actual producers and songwriters were involved this time.

Black’s new song and yes – video, “My Moment,” will be released July 18th.

Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, who produced for Justin Bieber, and Quinton Tolbert, who did the same for Hilary Duff, are behind this song. She’ll also release a five song EP in August.

She is actually pretty darn charming in that in Katy Perry’s video “Last Friday Night.” I predict this one will get some pretty substantial online traffic – perhaps even in spite of itself. Let’s give her some love just for chasing the dream and doing well for herself given the storm of craziness and haters that were on attack for after her debut.