VIDEO: Rebecca Black Is Back With A New Music Video

It's called "Sing It" and by sing it, we mean kinda sing it and then auto tune it.

Rebecca Black is back with a new song, and a new music video. It’s called “Sing It” and by sing it, we mean kinda┬ásing it and then auto tune it. Still, Black actually holds her own among the other singers her age.

The video is simple, perhaps to a fault (as is the song – but again, let’s remember that her peers in the bubble gum pop genre ain’t exactly the Rolling Stones) and Black is getting a little better at playing to camera. It seems with each attempt, Black – and her producers – are getting better. It’s easy to judge and joke (I’ve been among them early on… but let’s remember that Black is still just 14 years old!) I choose to cheer her on like a proud uncle for the time being.

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