Music Videos

VIDEO: There’s A Very Good Reason Pink’s “Try” Video Is A Viral Hit

Pink is a great interpretation of the modern day rock star. Strong in vocals, message and physicality. People raved about her amazing performance at the VMA's - (see below!) and now they people are going nuts over her video for her single "Try." Watch the two performances and you'll see what. She's pretty much a tour de force right now.

“MUSIC” VIDEO: Move Over, Rebecca Black, The Song “It’s Thanksgiving” Is NOT TO BE BELIEVED.

There's yet ANOTHER new 'pop" 'song' out that will have you groaning, laughing, and singing along incredulously. "It's Thanksgiving" is brought to you by the guy who wrote and produced "Friday" - and it's even more ridiculous. With inane lyrics about stuffing, all the holidays and which month they fall in, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll forward it around.

WOW MUSIC VIDEO: Look Closely And Notice The Genius Of The Video “Sweater.”

The music video for "Sweater," by the Belgian group "Willow" shows the lead singer getting out of bed, going outside, and wandering through town. But in fact, he never leaves the white box of a room he started in. It's all done with three projectors and 3D images, with the lead singer spending most of the time on a treadmill.

BREAKING: Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston, the remarkably gifted singer who slid into a world of drug use and erratic behavior has died at the age of 48. Whatever the cause, the world has lost a truly gifted talent. Click for a look at some of her best songs and videos.

JUST RELEASED: Betty White Music Video. (I’ll Explain)

Yes, Betty White has released a music video. No, she is not trying to become a dance sensation. White, a spokesperson for Thelifeline, did the song as part of her spokeswoman-ness. But the tune, called "I'm Still Hot" benefits her life's love, animals. Proceeds from sales of the song go to the Los Angeles Zoo.