The music video for “Sweater,” by the Belgian group “Willow” shows the lead singer getting out of bed, going outside, and wandering through town. But in fact, he never leaves the white box of a room he started in. It’s all done with three projectors and 3D images, with the lead singer spending most of his time on a treadmill. (In layman’s terms, call it a  ‘projected environment’.) Rather than the green screen technique, which can often look so convincing you never know there was trickery, this method allows you to marvel at the cleverness of it all, and how the lead singer navigates through it so flawlessly.

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The geniuses who made it happen are:

Director: Filip Sterckx

DOP: Pierre Schreuder

3D animation / Editing: Filip Sterckx
Production: Pierre Schreuder, Filip Sterckx
Technical support: Aitor Biedma
Production assistant: Nils Goddeeris