Madonna’s Halftime Show Has Lovers And Haters Taking It To The Web

Go ahead ... go onto your facebook and say you loved - or hated - Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime performance. Then prepare for the barrage.

Go ahead … go onto your facebook and say you loved – or hated – Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime performance. Then prepare for the barrage.


It’s actually somewhat surprising that is was Madonna’s first time performing at the Super Bowl this year – given her long career. But it was well-timed. She has a new single out, and one might also argue that she has recently been called to defend her title as the reigning queen of pop – as Lady Gaga continues to solidify her own reputation a music icon. Also interesting to note, it’s the first time that a woman has headlined the halftime show since Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004. (Can you believe that its been that long?)

But back to the subject at hand. Madonna, who in interviews prior to the big event spoke of how nervous she was about the performance – didn’t appear to be nervous at all on the 50 yard line, the star attraction on an elaborate stage that her team only had seven minutes to set up.

The heavily produced, choreographed, and effect laden show resembled something you might see at the opening ceremonies of an Olympic Games…. or Cirque Du Soleil… or, well… a Madonna concert.


Certainly, always a hot topic online and at water coolers at the office is the subject of lip synching, which Madonna was doing a lot of. (Much like a lot of artists these days, I might add.) But what she also was doing was a LOT of dancing that would have made a live song a little tough. The issue is one that has its supporters and detractors, so that alone will divide the critics from the fans.

Those fans and critics took to the web almost immediately to voice their support – or dissent.

The show opened up with Roman gladiators approaching the stage, and when massive shimmery fabrics unfolded, Madonna revealed herself on a throne – launching into her iconic hit Vogue. Background dancers mirrored her while the stage itself served as an enormous television monitor, changing imagery with each song. She then segued into Hey Mr. DJ  which included a tightrope dancing performer.

The performance took an unexpected turn when she segued into a song from another artist: Sexy and I Know It, with LMFAO on hand to sing their portion. As the stage turned into a staircase, she and a gaggle of cheerleaders launched into Give Me All Your Luvin’, her new single, which features Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.’s appearance. (Again, both on hand for the show.)

Give Me All Your Luvin’ moved into Express Yourself, with a guest appearance from Cee Lo Green, (who will appear on NBC’s second season of The Voice right after the game) before moving into Like A Prayer. As Green and Madonna rose up on an elevated stage, a gospel choir sang the background vocals. An image of the football field under the stage, complete with it’s yardline markers, suddenly folded up like fabric, disappearing under the stage (thanks again to technology that rendered the filed into a massive TV monitor) as she began the first verse.

As the song reached its climax, Madonna walked up to a platform, and as white light and smoke shot into the sky, she quickly descended underneath the stage, vanishing from view.

Suddenly everything – from the people to the massive set – disappeared, revealing only sparkling lights revealing the words “World Peace” to remain.

With that, Madonna was a trending topic on twitter… from radiant reviews to critical pans.

I like Madonna but I don’t belong to the school of “she can do no wrong” like so many fans of pop stars. But I did find it entertaining. I would never turn to Madonna for a stunning live vocal performance – but I would turn to her to be entertained. And I was… more than I have been during many other halftime shows.

So was Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show a hit – or a miss?

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