Father Shoots Son for Singing Kenny Chesney At Kareoke

Karaoke is a dangerous thing...

Karaoke is a dangerous thing…

On January 26th, 50-year-old William Oller Jr was singing some karaoke at his home in Shingletown, California…more specifically, he was singing a Kenny Chesney song.

According to the police report, his father, William Oller Sr, suddenly left the home, saying “I’m gonna shut you up.” A short time later, he returned with a handgun and opened fire on his son, striking him in the arm.

Both father and son were taken to the hospital and treated for gunshot wounds.

In an interview with KRCR TV, Oller Jr. says he doesn’t believe his 70-year-old father knew what he was doing, and recent strokes may have contributed to the incident, adding that in the past, his father even coached his singing.

I still say that this is a lesson…if you’re going to do karaoke, please stay away from country music.  It saves lives.

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