VIDEOS: Eight Donna Summer Videos We Love

As music lovers mourn the loss of Donna Summer, here are some of our favorite videos from singer.

As music lovers mourn the loss of Donna Summer, here are some of our favorite videos from singer.

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 Donna was one of those performers who sang live as beautifully as she did on a record…. even as she got older. Check out how great she sounds in this live performance of “Hot Stuff!”

“She Works Hard For The Money.” Who hasn’t felt like the woman in this video at least once?

Okay, this video isn’t necessarily the best work we’ve ever seen, but it’s classic 80’s camp… a Donna Summer special where she enlisted the help of some celebs to get in on the action. This performance of “Bad Girls” might be more funny than anything, but Summer looks spectacular and features walk-ons from Twiggy and other stars.

Here’s Donna Summer workin’ her arms for a live performance of “I Feel Love.”

I loved how Donna put on some 40’s garn amd played an Army wife in “There Goes My Baby.” A great setup showing off her powerful voice.

“This Time I Know It’s For Real” had the typical jolly take on the music video that the eighties were known for.

She sand the original “Enough Is Enough” with Barbra Streisand, but performed a great live version for VH1 with Tina Arena.

“I Will Go With You” was a great updated take on the classic operatic tune “Con Te Partiro” and was a great platform for her strong, unmistakable voice.

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  • Thanks for the memories Brian.This lady was the reason my husband finally wanted to learn to dance.Studio 54 was a hangout of ours.We had no idea she was sick. Rest in peace QUEEN!!!

    • I bet you have some wonderful memories from Studio 54! So glad you liked the post!

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