REALI-TEASE: Is Heather Dubrow Returning To ‘The Real Housewives Of Orange County’?!

Heather Dubrow probably thought life would become less dramatic once she bowed out of The Real Housewives Of Orange County but that hasn’t exactly been the case. The princess of perfection has recently had some turbulent run-ins with former castmate, Kelly Dodd. To say they have been dramatic is an understatement. Better grab the champs for this one.

About a month ago, Kelly made claims that Heather yelled at her when the two had a chance encounter at an Orangetheory gym. The next time Kelly saw Heather at the gym, Kelly remained in her car, secretly recorded Heather and posted the video to Instagram. In the thee part video, Kelly claimed she had to wait for Heather to leave before she could enter to avoid an awkward interaction. Some might say secretly recording someone and then posting it to social media creates an entirely new awkward situation but who and I to Tamra-judge?  Let’s remember Kelly was once called “the most polarizing housewife” in Orange County by Andy Cohen…a title you can’t earn without a little dramatic panache. Heather then put the whole ordeal on her social media and called out Kelly’s behavior. Kelly retaliated by calling Heather “Skeletor” and “Jokerface,” both insults Heather has taken with grains of salt.

When talking with TooFab Heather said:

“I think in both scenarios, you have to know the source. I think that the people whose opinion I would value over my character and judgement of things that I’ve done — those opinions I value would mean something to me. I think anyone else’s opinion really doesn’t matter. I’m not sure many lessons were learned in this whole scenario, but you know what, it is what it is. It’s fine. It made me laugh.”

She was then asked if she would ever return to the popular reality franchise and said:

“I don’t know! If you had asked me eight years ago, ‘Would you ever do a reality show,’ I’d be like, ‘Nooo! Not happening!’ And here we are. So I say ‘never say never’ because I do so many things I never knew I was ever gonna do, so who knows. Not imminently, how about that?”

What does it mean?! Do you want to see Heather Dubrow back in the Orange County club?

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