B’WAY BUZZ: Lin Manuel-Miranda’s, ‘Cheering For Me Now,’ Is A Classic Broadway Tune That You Will Be Obsessed With

On this week of Thanksgiving I know I am thankful for the brilliant brain inside Lin Manuel-Miranda’s head. The latest content to be a part of the #Hamildrop series is a love letter to New York City. “Cheering For Me Now” totally has an old school Broadway vibe. I guarantee a pep in your step as you blare this song through your headphones today.

 As promised, Manuel-Miranda has released new content derived from his mega hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, each month this year. Each month has offered a little something different for everybody. Some people connected to certain #Hamildrops more than others but I think this #Hamildrop will be the most widely received. The song was written by John Kander with lyrics, of course, by Manuel-Miranda. If you like Broadway then you’ll like this song!

Click below to see the black and white music video for “Cheering For Me Now”!

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