POP REVIEW: ‘The Prom’ Comes To Broadway At Exactly The Right Time

Prom night is different for everyone. For some, prom is the highlight of their high school experience. For others, it is a night where you get mistaken for the bouncer because you thought it’d be best to wear all black despite being shaped like a line backer…I’ve heard…No matter what your prom was like though I can assure you that The Prom on Broadway is a guaranteed great time you’ll never want to forget.

The hit, new musical follows the story of Emma who lives and attends high school in a small town in Indiana. After discovering that Emma wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom, the PTA swiftly cancels the prom entirely. News of the discrimination explodes on social media and catches the attention of four Broadway actors who are in dire need of some good publicity to help reinvigorate their careers. With their publicist in tow, the fabulous foursome head to Indiana to defend Emma and ultimately get their name in the press. I won’t spoil the rest but needless to say there are lessons to be learned for all parties involved.

I was lucky enough to see the show earlier this week and I have to say I haven’t been this happy about a high school prom since…well ever. The Prom is a toe tapping good time filled with big production numbers and even bigger laughs. Here are the top three reasons I think this show is a must see:

The cast

The Prom has so much star power it’ll make your head spin right off its Fosse neck. The fierce foursome that head to Indiana are Broadway veterans Brooks Ashmanskas (Barry Glickman), Beth Leavel (Dee Dee Allen), Christopher Sieber (Trent Oliver) and Angie Schworer (Angie). Each one of these stars have a moment…or moments rather…that showcase their talents so perfectly. Brooks has his banter. Beth has her belting. Christopher has his charms. And Angie has her zazz (insert jazz hand here). Adding to an already captivating cast is Emma played by Caitlyn Kinnunen, who adds such purity to her teenaged role. There is not one “star of the show” with this one. The entire cast works together beautifully to capture the audience.

The laughs

A musical about a discriminated, teenaged lesbian might not sound like a rip roaring good time but that is the brilliance behind this show. Sure the very serious topics of homophobia, discrimination and apathy are covered but the audience never feels burdened because there is always another big laugh right around the corner. The real world is terrifying right now but The Prom uses humor to remind audiences that a smile is always just moments away.

The timeliness

It’s hard to believe that in 2018 there are still “firsts” being accomplished. Well, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade featured it’s first same-sex kiss in history when the cast of The Prom performed “Time To Dance” during it’s first hour. While this is a major milestone for the LBGTQ community, I’m surprised that the kiss has taken this long. Because of this, The Prom is more relevant than ever. In the current political climate the rights of the LBGTQ community are no longer guaranteed. While the show might just be about a prom in a small town of Indiana, the message of acceptance it delivers rings loud and clear throughout our entire nation.

For more information on The Prom click here! And for even more snippets from the show click on the video below. “Life’s no dress rehearsal” so act fast and see the show that is literally on everyone’s lips!

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