WOULD YOU WEAR THESE?: Nike Releases Questionable New Summer Slides

Well Nike just did it. Did what? I’m not exactly sure. I don’t pretend to be a fashionista by any means. Couture is confusing and when you are shaped like a T-Rex (i.e me), finding the perfect outfit can be tricky. Most days you’ll find me cramming my thunder thighs into skinny jeans, with a cute, crew neck sweater and some sneaks. With this in mind, I am here to present Nike’s newest addition to their summer line…I give you the FANDAL….the flide?…the sunny pack?…Ok they made a slide with a fanny pack feature.

The upcoming Nike “Benassi JDI Fannypack Slides”come in 3 different colors, all with a built in pouch. Which is a good thing because I always want to keep my chapstick next to my crusty, beach toes….

It seems social media has mixed opinions about the new footwear. One Twitter user calls Nike “next level” with their creation. While another wonders if he “could get beat up for wearing those!?” I go back to my original statement, in that I am no fashionista…but doesn’t combining two, questionable articles of clothing just make for one really, bad faux pas? Is this going to be like the platform wedge Croc that just never took off? Or maybe the Croc…that should have never taken off? But maybe I am just not hip enough to rock these. Maybe all for all the cool kids this will be the wave of ingenuity they have been waiting for.  Will you be wearing them this summer?