WATCH: Sean Hayes Opens ‘Ellen’ Show Just As You Hope He Would

There’s only one thing that could make an Ellen Degeneres Show monologue better….and that’s Just Jack.

Sean Hayes hosted the daytime talk show today and listed a number of reasons for the substitution including Degeneres being crushed by her own wallet, and/or getting giant breast implants. The actor, best known for his role as Jack McFarland on Will & Grace, looks like such a natural as a talk show host. He even quips that he is the “brown haired, more feminine Ellen.” His wit and charm was endearing, and we already know his comedic timing is bar none. Perhaps Hayes will be the next host to fill one of the many voids left after this season’s many talk show cancellations? One can hope.

After a great monologue, Hayes admits that he is nervous to dance in front of everyone, as Degeneres does everyday. Once the music begins, the façade feigns and an impromptu dance party begins. Hayes is joined by some undercover dancers from the audience, and makes one epic arrival at Degeneres’ chair.

Take a look and give a laugh at the video below!


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