VIRAL VID: Lucas The Spider Meets A Polar Bear

Sunday mornings are for two things: staying in bed long enough to relinquish the shame of Saturday night and… Golden Girls reruns. But if there had to be a third thing, it would totally be watching cute, viral videos. A few months ago Joshua Slice created an adorable, new character that the internet has fallen in love with. Lucas The Spider is a CGI arachnid who has eyes comparable to a Disney character, and the voice of an innocent, little kid. Side note, Slice’s nephew actually provides the voice.  Slice says that these short vids are just animation tests in which he is responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, lighting and rendering. Since his debut, Lucas has had several viral hits, having fans demand that Pixar turn his adventures into a feature length film. This latest video has Lucas meeting a “polar bear” for the first time. If all spiders looked like Lucas, perhaps I wouldn’t be so inclined to throw my show at them….from a far, far, safe distance of course. Anyway, take a look!

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