TV FIRST: Jeopardy! Has First Ever Tie Breaker

America’s favorite quiz show, Jeopardy! has not seen this much excitement since Alex Trebek shaved off his mustache. Thursday, for the first time in 34 seasons, the game concluded with a  tie-breaker. The game was updated in 2017, with a new rule stating that in the event of a tie, Trebek will provide one more clue, with the first contestant to guess correctly deemed the winner. The likelihood of two contestants ending the game with the same amount of money is extremely rare, so when Laura and Sarah manage to do just that, everyone is visibly shocked. There is also an audible gasp off camera which I can only hope came from an overly anxious PA who had to sprint to get the Holy Jeopardy Handbook. In any event, the clip below makes for an interesting bought of tv history. Take a look!



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