Twitter User Figures Out Why Triscuits Are Called “Triscuits” And Minds Everywhere Are Blown

Sometimes the internet answers a question you never even knew you had.

Nabisco invented Triscuits in 1900. They were granted a patent in 1902. Nabisco began producing Triscuits for mass consumption in 1903. Each wafer currently measures 1-3/4 inches square. There are currently dozens of different flavors of the popular wheat snack. While all of this information will make for perfect ice-breaker fun facts at your next dinner party, it doesn’t really provide information on why Trsicuits are called “Triscuits,” which truthfully I have never even thought about before. Until today that is.

Twitter user @SageBoggs asked a question that has shaken the social media platform to its very core. He asked “What does the word ‘Triscuit’ mean?” If you’re like me you probably read that and thought “well everyone knows it has something to do with a biscuit” and while that is correct, Alex Trebek would have you escorted off of  Jeopardy for an answer so incomplete. Luckily for us, @SageBoggs continues his Twitter thread providing a ton of snack facts but not before warning us to “buckle up.” And it definitely is a wild ride.

Originally, @SageBoggs thought the “Tri” in “Triscuits” could stand for three layers or three ingredients but when he asked Nabisco themselves he got a response saying that was incorrect. In that same official response, Nabisco said none of the records from the date of invention survived so they weren’t 100% sure about the origin of the name either. WHAT?!? First mind explosion right there. After some more digging, @SageBoggs discovers one of the earliest ads for “Triscuits” features the slogan “baked by electricity,” which was a unique method of baking at the time. And then it hit him, the “Tri” in “Triscuits” comes from “elec-TRI-city.” They’re “electricity biscuits!” Mind blown all over again! Obviously Twitter erupted with comments, many of which express gratitude for answering a burning question we never knew we needed answer.

Take a look at the educational thread below!

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