FUNNY: Ellen Scares Sarah Paulson…AGAIN!

The swag bags at the Ellen Degeneres Show must be amazing because I really can’t figure out why celebs go back after getting the doo doo scared out of them time and time again. The daytime talk show has become famous for it’s fun celeb interviews, but probably just as well known for the host’s love of a good prank. Sarah Paulson, star of American Horror Story, knows all too well about Degeneres’ pranking habits. Last time Paulson was on the show, the actress was scared three times in one segment! That’s like a scare every 3 minutes! While it may be torture for Paulson, the scares are always pure comedy for the viewers. On today’s show, Paulson was wary throughout the interview and even requested a mirror so she could see behind her at all times. Well, after the chat segment was done, Paulson and Degeneres played a game of “5 Second Rule,” and that is when the comedian struck. Degeneres waited until Paulson was distracted by the complexities of the game and then had a terrifying clown pop out from the podium where the two were playing. Paulson, appropriately so, collapses onto the floor and crawls into the decorative box Degeneres usually hides scary things in. She’s basically come full circle.

Take a look at the hilarious clip below!


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