WOW: See If Your Fav Show Is Safe After FOX Cancels 3 Primetime Hits

I feel as though I should just rip off the bandaid…if your fav show was Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Mick, or Last Man On Earth, today was a bad day for you seeing as FOX just canceled all three shows. Ouch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the most dedicated fanbase of the three shows, and even had a twitter petition started under the hashtag, #renewb99. Unfortunately for the police comedy, the ratings have not been hitting the numbers needed to secure a spot in the fall season. In season 4, the series held a 1.3 rating at it’s best, dropping to a 1.2 in season 5. Although season 5 garnered lot of buzz with it’s 100th episode, it was not enough to save the show. Andy Samberg, who stars as Andre Braugher, was recently asked if he was hopeful for a 6th season to which he responded “everyone wants to do at least one more season. Everybody feels like we’re not done. There’s more story to tell, there’s more fun stuff to do with this incredible ensemble of characters. It was a great sign that they brought us back on Sundays, and they brought us back earlier.” Sadly those hopes have been dashed. Fans have quickly taken to social media  to express their grief. One twitter user went as far as to say “this is an absolute atrocity. #BrooklynNineNine is one of my favourite shows ever. It has a brilliantly diverse cast, tackles real issues like coming out/race perfectly and it’s incredibly funny?! I can’t understand this decision, I hope Netflix pick it up immediately.”

The Mick managed to complete 2 seasons on FOX,  despite retaining a lukewarm reception from critics. The second season renewal was largely thought to be credited to the charisma of the show’s lead, Kaitlin Olson. Last Man On Earth squeaked out 4 seasons, mainly in part to the hype around the series at it’s start.

FOX will be airing a lot of football in the fall, which means there is even less time for scripted television. This helps explain why the cuts were so extreme this time around. Ugh. Sports. Amiright? In any event, with tv viewing the way it is today, there is a good chance one or more of these shows could get picked up on a streaming service. Perhaps there is hope after all.

Brooklyn Nine Nine will air its season (series) finale on May 20th on FOX.

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