OMG: Will We Suffer Another ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Death Tonight?!

Grey Sloan Memorial sometimes seems less like a hospital and more like a cemetery. If you are a loyal fan of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, then you have had 14 seasons to learn that no one’s fate is ever secured…I mean we lost McDreamy for crying out loud! Well with only two episodes left in this season, it seems as though we might be headed for another McDeath.

April Kepner, played by the charming Sarah Drew, made her first appearance on the show back in season 6 when Seattle Grace Hospital and rivaled hospital, Mercy West, merged together. Initially, Dr. Kepner was not well received by fans due to her overly cheery, and quirky persona. Over her 8 season stretch, however, the trauma surgeon has dealt with some heavy plot lines that allowed fans to understand the multilayered depths of the character. She has dealt with two terminations (and reemployments) from the hospital, the shooting of her best friend, leaving a man at the alter, losing her unborn son, having a daughter, and most recently, a crisis of faith. The depiction of her faith has been praised by critics for exemplifying the delicate balance of science and religion.

Now this is Shondaland we are talking about, so even though every tv promo makes it seem as if Kepner will meet her untimely demise, this could all be a classic bait and switch. From the promos, all we know is that Kepner is discovered in a ditch by Owen Hunt, her mentor, and all her Grey’s buddies seem to be more distraught than ever. We do know that Sarah Drew’s contract was not renewed so she will not be returning for next season though, so maybe she really does die? Oh I’m confused. I guess we will have to watch tonight with baited breath.

Grey’s Anatomy airs at 8p EST on ABC. Check out the promos below and hypothesize your own theories now!


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