Two #Hamildrops in one week?! Is that even possible? Well Lin-Manuel Miranda sure did “Rise Up” to the occasion and released this week’s second installment of the beloved project.

Broadway genius Miranda created the #Hamildrops series as way of releasing new Hamilton-based content once each month. Earlier this week we were treated to a music video to Andra Day’s version of “Burn,” and we gladly accepted it as our monthly dose of Hamilton. Well Miranda took to Twitter to announce that not only were there going to be two #Hamildrops this month, there would be two in one week!

Today’s installment is a song called “Rise Up Wise Up Eyes Up” by the French duo,  Ibeyi. The singing duo is actually comprised of twins Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz, who are of Cuban/Venezuelan descent. They dropped their first album in 2015, and could later be seen Beyoncé’s Lemonade HBO special. The song samples “My Shot” from the hit Broadway show, but provides an entirely new song with a totally unique sound. The mellow vibe of the song allows you to hear the powerful lyrics the two silvery songstresses are singing out. The compelling message from the song is obviously to stay woke during these trying times.

Oh Mr. Miranda we are not worthy. Side note, if there is only 1 #Hamildrop being released each month for the rest of the year that means we only have 4 more left and that’s just not ok. I don’t care if Lin-Manuel Miranda is in high demand…I could never be “Satisfied”!!!

Check out “Rise Up Wise Up Eyes Up” by clicking below and be sure to listen to the track on Spotify or Apple Music!