OMG: Anna Kendrick Called Barack Obama What?!

The adorable Anna Kendrick is not only known for her acting talents, but also her quick wit and charm. Wit and charm that has been demonstrated on many a talk show since rising to fame. When Kendrick stopped by The Late Show last night to promote her new film A Simple Favor, her charm hit new heights as she told the best presidential meeting anecdote yet. You won’t believe what she called President Barack Obama!

The chat between late night host, Stephen Colbert, and Kendrick started out simply enough with some brief banter over Colbert’s new beard. Seeing as last night was the Pitch Perfect star’s fourth visit, Colbert mentioned that Kendrick is a now a “platinum member” of The Late Show. And in the next minute she proves why. Colbert pulled out a series of photos that depicted Kendrick’s meeting of President Barack Obama for the first time, and how he consequently buckled over with laughter. When Colbert pressed to know what could make the former president laugh so hard, Kendrick revealed that she called Obama “an a**hole”!!!!!!!!

Of course Kendrick didn’t mean for the unfortunate nickname to be taken seriously. She got caught up in pressure around the situation and it just happened to slip out. No amount of reading will make the exact conversation clear enough, so click the link below to see the entire hilarious conversation.

A Simple Favor is in theaters now.


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