OMG: Kelly Clarkson Is Going To Have Her Own Talk Show!

Me reacting to Kelly Clarkson accidentally announcing her upcoming talk show:

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the former American Idol winner stopped by to talk about her upcoming tour and her second season as a judge on the musical competition show, The Voice. It was business as usual when Fallon asked about details on Clarkson’s upcoming tour until the pop star accidentally slipped and announced that she has a talk show coming out next year!

“I’m doing this thing to kind of prep for my talk show that’s gonna be next year…I didn’t think I’d ever do it. I love talking; it’s like my favorite pastime. It’s hard for me to shut up, though.”

Fallon nearly fell out of his chair when Clarkson let the announcement slip out. He quickly asked if she would be his 11:30pm competition before she confirmed that her show would actually come on right before The Ellen Degeneres Show. That’s an amazing time slot! Clarkson says that her talk show will be different than any other on television right now because she plans to add a musical element to it. The show will feature musical skits which will make it more of the variety show genre. Personally, I wouldn’t care if she just wanted used the show to sing the phone book for one hour a day.

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s accidental announcement below!


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